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VTech's main focus is IT support for small businesses. This includes the monthly maintenance on Desktops, Laptops and Servers. As well as the maintenance needed on the physical network and equipment. Our helpdesk provides day to day support for IT problems.

VTech IT Solutions aims to provide cost effective IT Support for small businesses, while providing excellent customer service as well as being an ever growing market leader in providing support to small to medium business enterprises as well as training inexperienced IT professionals.

Our business philosophy is to create a happy working environment for the staff as well as focusing on customer satisfaction.

The IT Industry is an ever changing environment. Both hardware and software keeps on being updated and modified. We keep up with all the newest technology by sending out the engineers to hardware and software expo's. We then decide on the best improvements for our clients and offer the products to the customers at competitive market prices.

VTech IT's strength is its competitive prices. We focus on providing a low cost service to companies rather than implementing higher prices and just having a few selected customers.





Sept 01, 2008

Vtect IT Solutions opens its doors - providing affordable IT solutions to small and medium businesess in Cape Town

Aug 15, 2008

Vtech IT launches it new website filled with information about its products and services!!


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